Servizi legali presso i Fori di Siena, Livorno, Firenze, Arezzo, Prato, Lucca, Pistoia, Grosseto, Pisa e Perugia

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Service of translation and asseveration in Siena court



Agenzia disbrigo pratiche legali Toscana , furnishes services of Asseveration and Legalization.
The asseverations are translations that are made with an oath official, lent near the Court, a notary or a judge of Peace, from a translator that, with the record of asseveration, the responsibility of the truthfulness of the text is assumed translated with the original text.

The translator can also be enrolled in the bulletin-board of the Technical Advisors of the Court and the Role of the Experts and Experts of the CCIAA. In the performance of this service, the translator guarantees the maximum reservation.
Our society furnishes the service of asseveration (“sworn translation”) and legalization (apostille), whereas application, so that the translation is valid in the country of destination